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Stephani Lochhead, Salon Rev

I’m a tech junkie, so Vish is right up my alley! We get the exact formula every time, which gives us great consistency with our guests.

Vish is very user friendly and we picked it up very quickly. I think I had the gist in about 15 minutes and by the end of the first full day of use, I felt like a pro. Adding each stylist to the system was pretty seamless as well, even with our self-proclaimed tech haters. The system itself has great visuals when mixing and it’s fun to use. I really love how it re-formulates automatically when a guest returns. I see much less color waste, which saves our environment as well as TONS of money!

We are just now starting to see the reduction of waste as our clients come in for their second and third appointments. I think we can get our waste down substantially in the next month or two, and keep it there!

-Stephani Lochhead

Master Stylist | Colorist | Eufora Regional Trainer

Salon Rev



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