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Savoye Salon Spa

For Michell, opening Savoye Salon Spa has been a 22 year journey. Michell Bartlein is the owner and stylist at Savoye Salon Spa, a team-based, Aveda lifestyle salon located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Savoye describes themselves as “a place to get away from everyday stresses” with a mission to provide exceptional service.

Savoye has been a Vish customer for over 8 months! As an Aveda salon, Savoye values being environmentally conscious, and as a team-based salon, consistency is key for a team sharing customers. Savoye’s reason for trying out Vish? Vish seemed to be a “logical fit” for maintaining and strengthening that environmental consciousness, as well as ensuring consistency in color services – which became clear to Michell when talking with a friend who uses Vish in their salon.

“To me, being a hairstylist is so much more than great hair. It’s a powerful tool to create good in the world if used correctly. I couldn’t be more excited and proud of the accomplishments [the team] has made and the positive ripples they have generated.”

-Michell Bartlien

“Vish creates unbelievable consistency in color formulation, pricing and color waste acknowledgement.”

Michell Bartlein | Owner & Stylist

Savoye Salon Spa

“We start every day with a huddle to understand our goal for the day and we also start the day laughing or something on a positive note. It’s always the ripple effect to make our day great, so we can make others great.”

With Vish, Savoye has seen its color waste go down to 9%, making the environmental impact that was hoped for. Savoye has also seen the benefits of using Vish as a team-based salon, “we share customers, and there are no worries about seeking out a color”. With Vish storing 100% of color formulas, they’re always ready to be reproduced, allowing customers to see any provider they want.

Savoye has also seen a change in their typical day at the salon since using Vish – “we are saving time in our day by not looking through a handful of color books. Vish creates a streamlined system that moves our day smoothly. It also keeps everyone accountable – from mixing color all the way to cleaning bowls versus throwing them in the sink.”

The inspiration behind opening Savoye, according to Michell, was a genuine need for “something different” in a world that’s evolving so quickly, to “help others rise, personally and professionally, with actions that create a positive ripple effect, not only in Savoye, but in the world”.

Fun fact: “80% of our team’s name starts with a “J”, not sure how that happened.

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