Success Spotlight


Charmaine Edwards, CharMarie Salon

I really like using the system. I like the consistency it provides my guest for tracking previous formulas.

My biggest piece of advice is to use the system completely, and get rid of any other scales so you won’t be tempted to use them when you’re in a hurry. You will only really learn it by using it. Two months in and it’s pretty much second nature at this point. After the guest’s initial visit, things go super quickly since their formula is already stored.

I’ve started to see some of the guests that I initially used the software on and the reduction in waste has been outstanding. I would typically mix 40g of color for a retouch. Now I’m mixing about 17g of color and there is no additional color left in the bowl when I’m finished.

One of my assistants came to me and said “Vish is saying to only mix 4g of lightener for this highlight retouch.  Do you want me to mix more? That seems low”. I told her to follow the software and I had a very small amount leftover at the end. We would have wasted an entire bowl of lightener on that client previously!

-Charmaine Edwards

Owner | Stylist | Makeup Artist

CharMarie Salon


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