Success Spotlight


Alishia O’Hare, Luxe Color Lounge

I really like using the Vish system. It is especially helpful when it is repeat formulas for monthly maintenance visits. I just click right in and if no changes are necessary, I head right to the mixing screen! So simple and streamlined.

Vish took a little patience at first but overall it was very simple to learn. In just a short time, it became second nature and I can click/mix while holding a conversation. The simplicity and just following the mixing ratio given to me on the screen makes mixing so simple – and simple leads to a really nice day in the salon! No time for crazy!!

As clients came back for their second visit (after their formula was entered in Vish and the waste was weighed), I was AMAZED at how much of a standard formula mixture was wasted! Many clients only require HALF of a standard mixture. Huge savings!

Vish looks super professional and high tech in our open mixing bar….it adds an element of precision that our clients get to watch while they watch us custom formulate for them.   As a colorist, it has made be ultra aware of how much product was being wasted and really streamlined my mixing ratios. I feel good knowing I’m playing my part in reducing waste and product cost for the salon’s bottoms line.

-Alishia O’Hare

Expert Colorist

Luxe Color Lounge




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